The Fork in the Road

When the road forks and we cannot see around the next bend, how do we choose which path to take?

On the journey of life we do not get to see the entire route before we have to choose our next path.

In the negotiating of any given segment of the path, what we experience and learn may inform our direction and even our intended destination.

Will changes in course turn out to be wise adjustments to new information or a failure to persevere in the face of obstacles?

I believe there is a fundamental fallacy involved with trying to judge or measure our choices by their often unforeseeable outcomes.

Happy endings are not necessarily vindication of the choices along the way. Nor does pain, loss or failure point a condemning finger. But we commonly assume as much.

Shortcuts are not always shorter. Detours are not necessarily a bad thing. Faster doesn’t mean better. Arriving may turn out to be just the beginning. Getting lost may actually save your life.

There may be other purposes for a journey than arriving at a destination.

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