Preparation For…

The problem with viewing life through the lens of moments (which has been transformative and largely positive for me) is never knowing for what, when or where to prepare… much less how.

The credentialing to serve as a contractor, doctor or officer of the law is spelled out and quantified. The training to meet the demands of any given moment, on the other hand, is not laid out in any curriculum I have seen.

I suppose I am trying to find ways to anticipate that there is much we cannot anticipate.

Flexibility, agility, and poise all come to mind as helpful metaphors for encountering the unexpected. “Expect the unexpected,” as some say.

Maybe preparing to be present for any given moment involves developing an inner hospitality. A posture of open arms and curiosity.

If I am already open to and welcoming of new possibilities; instead of shock or resistance, my experience is more like, “I was wondering when you would show up.”

Instead of warding off an intruder, I am getting to know a new friend.

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