I don’t remember when I began viewing my life through the lens of moments… but the shift was transformative.

The Moment of Now by Rolinda Stotts

Moments as opposed to professional achievements. Moments over and against social status or acclaim. Moments versus accumulated wealth.

A close friend recently caught me using “failure” language to describe past experiences of mine that didn’t result in the culture’s definitions of success.

Looking back, though, my life has been rich and impactful. Its contours not measured by “more than”, “better than”, or “higher than”; but “alongside toward”, “understanding of”, “available for,” “empowering by,” and “enjoying with.”

Look with me now into Rolinda Stott’s The Moment of Now. Place yourself in the scene. Sit down where you are and let the stream gurgle around you. Breathe in the cool air. Is it dusk or dawn? Have you recently arrived or is a journey about to begin?

Simply be present in the moment.

To recognize and appreciate the life-giving, soul-touching, destiny-impacting power of any given moment is an aptitude worth developing.

Our days are filled with moments. Absolutely jam-packed. One cascading off the next right before yet another one appears out of nowhere.

And where are we in all this? Of how much are we actually aware? Can we recognize the key presence that we might be and engage creatively, insightfully and compassionately with what is unfolding before us?

Or might we be consumed chasing some social metric we had no voice in articulating? Distracted by a dream that continues to hover just out of reach. Could we be missing out on the complex, messy now in pursuit of an idealized crown that not even our heroes possess?

One issue with moments is that they are so small. We can easily undervalue the magnitude of what might ripple forth from our attentiveness. Could we be forfeiting the power of resonance pursuing the prize of winning?

Back to The Moment of Now. Do you know where you are? With whom you are? Where you might explore next? What calls for your attention? Whom or what you might choose to touch? — In this moment.

What might be possible if you viewed your life through the lens of moments?

2 thoughts on “Moments”

  1. Karl…you have used words to capture the soul of paint…of Bella Rotta.

    Thank you for sharing this journey of co-creation. I am move by the Moments that I am now aware of because of our discussions.

    You have changed the way I SEE. What a gift.

  2. Allowing ‘moments’ to be the filter through which we view our lives, enables us to be present in the now. Thank you for the reminder of how to be present in the moment.

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