Contentment in Tension

Contentment and aspiration make for uneasy bedfellows.

My aspirations make contentment difficult for me. They pull on me. Draw me. Cajole me. Accuse me. Inspire me. Call to me. Judge me as not enough.

Both positively as a motivating vision to help create a better world and negatively as a condemning judge mocking my desire to achieve what is at first glance out of reach.

Contentment is both a choice and one outcome of discovering that I am enough.

On the other hand, I do not want my contentment to squelch or quench my aspirations. There is a healthy discontent with the status quo that motivates us to work for change.

I keep ending up in—what feels like—a lose-lose situation.

I need to think more about how I keep ending up on the losing side of these two great virtues.

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