Invisible Treasure

Picture a treasure in the middle of a crowded room… that no one but you sees.

Everyone is walking right past it, detouring around it, and sometimes even tripping over it. But no one is seeing it.

Treasure chest

A treasure of unspeakable value right in their midst. Available, accessible, useful and needed… but simply not seen.

Now… what if that treasure were you?

Unspeakable value, available, accessible, useful and needed. But simply not seen. Invisible.

As a workplace reality, invisibility can be both tortuous and enervating. How does one stay engaged without becoming discouraged? How does one “put it all out there” while fighting feelings of resentment?

Is there anything we can do? Do we jump up and down, scream and shout, and get in the face of others to be noticed and recognized as the treasures we are?

Crucial questions you and I need to consider and discuss amongst ourselves.

Whatever else, though, we must not lose our bearings or our inner confidence that we are in fact a—albeit yet to be discovered—treasure.

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