Alone in the Crowd

To see what no one else yet sees is by definition to be alone.

To find words for what you see often involves creating new vocabulary.

To persuade others of what you see is… well… near impossible.

All of which begs the question of how to stay engaged, poised, and encouraged when all alone.

Excitement fills the soul when new vistas burst into view. When blurred edges creep imperceptibly toward clarity, enthusiasm brims into daily conversation.

But when these precious gems are met too often with blank, awkward stares, continuing the conversation can prove daunting.

One person. That is all I ask. One person who speaks my language or wants to learn it. One person who welcomes the new, the different, the emerging, the peculiar, the pathless trek toward destinations not yet either knowable or discernible. Just one person.

Just a teeny tiny bit less alone in the crowd.

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