Age Dreaming

I dreamt I was 24 years old. I’m not. Not by a long shot.

But the stating of my age was so specific and clear that I keep looking for significance.

Am I somehow as much a young person as I am an old person? Am I not old at all?

Is there a message for me? Is this knowledge being given to me?

I don’t usually remember dreams. I don’t remember much else of …

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Being Present with Myself

Do I really need to be doing more, and doing so more of the time?

I often feel that I should be more active, more social, out with more people and more often.

But maybe I need to be quiet and be with myself. Enjoy being quiet and with myself. Risk even getting to like myself.

Instead of yearning for others to want to be with me, simply want to be with me, myself.

What …

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Human. Gratefully human.

It grieves me to hear people describe their humanity with words like: just, only, merely. “But I’m only human.”  

Image credit Floyd Grey

It’s as if to be human is somehow less than what they feel they should be. Or being human somehow negatively explains a particular choice of which they aren’t proud.

Human, though, is exactly what we should be—even with all its pitfalls, complexities, and dark places. Especially with them.

We are …

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Reimagining the World

Branches extend only as far as roots support. Creativity cannot favor new branches over deep roots. 

Awareness of the box is fundamental to thinking outside of it.

Designing a new world cannot therefore be merely the rejection of the current world.

One more metaphor… There is no such thing as a blank slate. The more we understand the past and current story lines, the better chance we have of writing a fresh, new, and more mature …

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Alone in the Crowd

To see what no one else yet sees is by definition to be alone.

To find words for what you see often involves creating new vocabulary.

To persuade others of what you see is… well… near impossible.

All of which begs the question of how to stay engaged, poised, and encouraged when all alone.

Excitement fills the soul when new vistas burst into view. When blurred edges creep imperceptibly toward clarity, enthusiasm brims into daily …

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Invisible Treasure

Picture a treasure in the middle of a crowded room… that no one but you sees.

Everyone is walking right past it, detouring around it, and sometimes even tripping over it. But no one is seeing it.

Treasure chest

A treasure of unspeakable value right in their midst. Available, accessible, useful and needed… but simply not seen.

Now… what if that treasure were you?

Unspeakable value, available, accessible, useful and needed. But simply not seen. Invisible.

As …

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What Do You See?

Art has the capacity to communicate more than first presents itself to the eye. Such is the power available to the artist.

Devas Garden by Michael Parkes
Devas Garden – Michael Parkes

What the artist cannot control, though, is who views their work. Such is the power of you and I.

I have nothing to add to the basic creation vs. interpretation conversation. What interests me this morning is how we each both create and interpret our own daily reality.…

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