Misread Judgment

Maybe I am not being judged so often as I am being experienced.

Some people respond to their disappointing experiences with judgment, to be sure, but some—maybe many if not most—are responding more simply to the experience itself.

If I don’t follow through on extending a previously mentioned invitation to a night out, the experience may well be quite disappointing without necessarily involving any judgment that I am a flake.

Their experience of disappointment, in …

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What Can I Do For “We”?

What can I do for you?

At first blush it may appear that I am a generous person wanting to extend a kindness.

In reality, though, I am a quiet person who attracts people who need me to change so that they can stay the same. I find myself somehow being other than I am in order for you to feel more comfortable being who you are.

This isn’t working for me anymore.

I realize …

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Preparation For…

The problem with viewing life through the lens of moments (which has been transformative and largely positive for me) is never knowing for what, when or where to prepare… much less how.

The credentialing to serve as a contractor, doctor or officer of the law is spelled out and quantified. The training to meet the demands of any given moment, on the other hand, is not laid out in any curriculum I have seen.

I …

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Warning Shot

More often than not there is a warning shot.

A clue that might serve as a “Beware!” sign of sorts. The attentive ear hears a call to alertness and caution. The sensitive soul discerns more than the eyes see and backs up.

But when the explosion hits, we are startled nonetheless. The walls come tumbling down around us, and we are stunned. How could this have happened?

Why didn’t we pay attention to the clues? …

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The Fork in the Road

When the road forks and we cannot see around the next bend, how do we choose which path to take?

On the journey of life we do not get to see the entire route before we have to choose our next path.

In the negotiating of any given segment of the path, what we experience and learn may inform our direction and even our intended destination.

Will changes in course turn out to be wise …

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